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» Minerva » Minerva Support » Minerva Cataloging / Serials »Acceptable Cataloging for Minerva Libraries
Acceptable Cataloging for Minerva Libraries

Bibliographic records in the Minerva Catalog will conform to RDA rules except in special circumstances allowed by the Cataloging Standards Committee.

Records must be in correct MARC format and will include all appropriate MARC tags, indicators, and subfields.

The Fixed Fields section of the Bibliographic Record will be complete with all required information, including correct material type, language, non-filing characters, location, language, country, input library, and initials. New records will have the cataloging date entered.

The MARC Leader will be complete with correct codes for Record Type, Status, and Cat Form “i” (ISBD/RDA) in particular.

The record will include all the following fields:

• 001 field, used for OCLC numbers only. (This is already an approved Minerva standard.) 001 fields containing non-OCLC numbers must be deleted. **

• 010 field containing the LC control number if assigned.

• 020 fields with ISBN if one has been assigned and it appears inside or on the cover of the item, or ISSN in the 022. ISBNs that do not pertain to the item in hand will be removed from the record.

• Nonprint, audiovisual material records will have a complete and correct 007 field for physical description.

• 008 field with complete information including dates and country code.

• 1XX field for the main entry if applicable, with correct indicators and the correct LC authority record form of the entry.

• Title information will be entered in 245 field following RDA rules for transcription. Correct indicators and subfields will be present, and correct punctuation will be observed. In compliance with RDA cataloging rules, GMDs will not be added to the 245. When importing bib records from remote sources, GMDs found will be removed.

• 250 edition statement if applicable.

• 264 fields containing place of publication, publisher, and date, using correct subfields. In the absence of any of those details, repeated 264 fields will provide place, name, and date of distribution, manufacture, copyright, in the order described by RDA. The MARC 260 field is obsolete and will not be used.

• 300 physical description field with pagination, illustration details, and size in centimeters. Information regarding additional materials will be included as needed.

• 336, 337, 338 MARC fields for content, media, and carrier description. • 336 field stating “|still image|bsti|2rdacontent when applicable. • 340 field stating “|nlarge print” when applicable.

• 490 fields for series information if applicable. MARC 440 is obsolete and will not be used.

• 500 or 538 note with system details for audiovisual materials, as described in previously approved MCSC standard policy. **

• 504 bibliography note (optional) will include pagination when possible.

• 520 field for summary note (optional field) will be no longer than 50 words in length. Content should be objective and non-judgmental in nature and should not include excessive plot detail. The summary note is not a review of the material.

• 6XX subject access field will be entered with correct indicators and subdivisions. Library of Congress subject headings will be used except where MeSH headings and GSAFD genre headings are required.

• 7XX added entry fields are included when applicable; the correct authority form of names will be used.

• 8XX series added entry fields are included when applicable. URL links to non- site specific resources are given in 856 notes.

In addition to the specific requirements listed above, bibliographic records will observe all previously approved Minerva Cataloging Standards and practices, including those that detail the proper handling of special formats and material types.

When a new library is admitted to Minerva, its bibliographical records must be examined and approved by the Maine InfoNet cataloging specialist and/or representatives of the Cataloging Standards Committee before loading.

Any standards that are approved in the future must also be observed.
Jan 24

This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services .

This first-of-a-kind report from Knowledge Exchange maps the landscape for Open Access books in the Knowledge Exchange countries; Finland, Netherlands, UK, France, Denmark and Germany, together with Norway and Austria.

1 January 2017 - 23 March 2018, 00:00 - 00:00,

Knowledge Exchange is continously active in promoting Open Access by bringing together Open Access experts from all six KE-countries. This study was initiated by Knowledge Exchange and financed by Knowledge Exchange ,, CRIStin and Couperin ,and together with the skilled expertise of Eelco Ferwerda, Frances Pinter and Niels Stern, we can now publish the biggest landscape study on the conditions and potentials for Open Access books yet.

The field of OA monographs is still in its early evolution and therefore 73 in-depth conversations were conducted to understand the different developments among three stakeholder groups: Publishers, funders and libraries. The importance of author attitudes, scholarly reward and incentive systems is also raised throughout the study by numerous interviewees.

The general explanation for monographs not being included in policies is the global focus on journal publishing and the perception that monographs are more complex to deal with than journals. Some also point to a lack of demand yet from authors.

In general, OA book publishers will comply with gold OA policies from funders and institutions. This is not the case for green OA. It appears that the current self archiving policies from publishers for books are largely restricted to book chapters.

The report also points towards the fact that funding schemes for books are lagging behind schemes for articles and their availability to fund the publishing process is somewhat ad hoc across the countries we've surveyed. Nevertheless the authors are ‘cautiously optimistic' about the prospects for OA and monographs.

The report creates an overview of both the OA monographs policies, funding streams and publishing models for all eight countries for the first time. This is used to point towards areas of future efforts.

Webinar: New Developments in OA Monographs

On the 14th December, Knowledge Exchange and Magrit MANA LUJO womens Sandals in Manchester Great Sale Cheap Price Recommend Sale Online Best Place C2wDs
co-hosted the webinar 'New Developments in Open Access Monographs', to present the latest findings on the development of OA monographs. The webinar featured three recent studies, including our our own 'Landscape study on Open Access and Monographs', which was presented by Eelco Ferwerda.

In addition,Lucy Montgomery talked about the challenges and opportunities of usage data for OA scholarly monograph publishers, based on the findings of two recent studies on the uses of OA books, carried out by Knowledge Unlatched Research.

Christina Emery from SOPHIA WEBSTER Lilico Crystal Sneaker Mules Find Great For Sale Free Shipping Store Cheap Sale Fake High Quality Co7AChd
, also presented a white paper comparing usage data for OA and non-OA scholarly books and shared key findings from therecently publishedSpringer Nature report ‘The OA effect: How does open access affect the usage of scholarly books?'.

You can read more about the webinar on the OASPA website , or listen back to the discussion below.

New Developments in Open Access Monographs

Listen back to the webinar, co-hosted by Knowledge Exchange and OASPA

Summary: A landscape study on OA and Monographs

Following suggestions received as part of the feedback to our landscape study, published at the end of 2017, we have produced a summary of the full report. The summary provides an overview of the key areas, easy to read infographics and shorter condensate of the great insights of the full report. It is by no means a substitute for the rich information contained in the original work, hence it also delivers references to the matching sections of the 2017 report.

The summary report is just one of the follow-up actions to the initial study Knowledge Exchange are currently preparing. We will also launch a survey to help determine future work on the topic, as well as a webinar and/or workshop to be organised later in 2018.

There is a need for a number of business models to serve the needs of OA monographs

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Having a pet in the hospital, away from home, may leave you feeling uncomfortable. To ease your concern, your pet is under the care of our qualified team of veterinarians and technicians 24 hours a day. Your pet’s condition is monitored regularly: vital signs, food and fluid intake, and changes in medical status.

Thank you for your trust. We appreciate the opportunity to care for your pet.

Health Care Plans Estimates

Any time that your veterinarian recommends hospitalization for your pet, Red Bank Veterinary Hospital will present you with a health care plan. This will include an approximate range of charges that may be incurred for services and procedures. If your bill should increase to exceed the highest end of the plan, you will be notified by a staff member. Changes in your pet’s medical condition may be one reason for additional fees.

Payment and payment options will be discussed with you by your veterinarian and a member of our client services staff at the time your pet is hospitalized.

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Your pet’s veterinarian contacts you at least once a day with a medical report. The updates generally occur between 9 and 11 a.m. after medical rounds, when our veterinarians review each patient’s progress.

If a significant change occurs in your pet’s condition, you are contacted by a veterinarian, regardless of the time, unless you indicate otherwise. In addition, if you would like a Comfort Check status update from one of our technicians, call the hospital between 9 and 10 p.m.

Visiting hours are primarily for owners wishing to visit pets hospitalized in our Critical Care Unit. All visits must be approved and arranged in advance by your veterinarian.

Visiting a pet on the day of an anesthetic procedure is usually not recommended. This is to allow your pet to remain calm and start the healing process. Generally, the effects of anesthesia and pain management medication can make your pet groggy for one or two days after a procedure. We may ask that you wait until your pet is fully alert, and able to give a reassuring tail wag or peaceful purr as a sign that he or she is ready for a visit.

General visiting outside of CCU is typically not recommended. Seeing a family member can cause pets to become unsettled and nervous after they are successfully acclimated to the hospital setting.

CCU Visiting Hours

Monday – Friday: 12 – 1:30 p.m. 5 – 7 p.m.

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